HTML for the 90s

HTML coverHTML for the World Wide Web
2nd Ed

This was submitted by a small public library in Ohio. It was a part of their circulating non-fiction collection until just recently. They had newer books on the subject, but apparently they hadn’t weeded much (or at all…) until recently. Wonder what else they’ll unearth as they dig out?

One of the pages included below teaches readers how to copy video clips from a VCR to a PowerMac. Handy!

Another page tells us how to link to external video. It does not suggest YouTube, Vimeo, or any other popular video hosting service; it tells how how to let people download your actual video file to their computer from their browser. There are still specific  situations where that is done, but most of us just click through to YouTube to watch our cat videos. (Like that! That was much easier than anything this book suggests!)

There might be a few nuggets of good info in this book, and the basic tenets of HTML haven’t changed, but this particular library had newer books on the subject. Chalk  this one up to laziness! I promise you, if all you do is weed old editions of items you have newer editions of, you will have made a difference in your collection. That’s such an easy thing to do, and doesn’t even require an MLIS. Send in a volunteer or a Page with a list and put ’em to work!


html back cover


converting video format

adding external video

adding internal video


  1. Definitely not fit for circulation, but I hope they gave it a trip through the free book bin. These old tech books can still be useful to some people. For example, I’ve been in charge of our dept web pages for many years. Originally it was all coding and has progressed to a CMS. However, I still have to go in frequently and get my hands dirty with code. My old copy (1996?) of Web Design in a Nutshell saves my bacon every time.

    1. Agreed! I would like to see people clean the computer section out a bit faster. I think keeping this section under 5 years is a good strategy and it makes the pickings at a book sale a bit better. I don’t think I can say that about my old copy of the Lotus123 manual. 🙂

  2. This came out a couple years after I taught myself HTML 3.2 from the 15 page manual. When you consider that this predates common use of CSS, that makes it nearly entirely useless.

  3. OS9 interface? Really? I can’t compose a googledoc on our oldest OSX, and no updates are supported.

  4. The next edition of this book would be slightly more useful though still out of date in many ways. I still have it for old time’s sake since it was written so well.

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