1. I am a male, but I nonetheless hope that Hillary wins the election to become the first woman President in U.S. history, following in the footsteps of Obama as the first African-American POTUS. *HOWEVER*, if she indeed wins the election, I hope that she finally starts treating the Secret Service agents with more respect- according to most of the websites I have read about her, Hillary acts like a first-class BITCH towards them.

    1. So it’s true, the only reason most American men don’t want to vote for her is because she’s a women. I knew it, if men in the US had their way women would once again all be treated like it’s still the early 1900’s. >:(

  2. Halloween is over, but now I’m REALLY scared. I cannot for he life of me understand why a racist, sexist, war-mongering madman is even running for president. I think Americans are the lowest life forms on the planet Earth . But what I think doesn’t matter because I’m Canadian.

    1. Lora, consider yourself lucky to be Canadian (which you probably already did). Americans now get to find out what life will be like with a racist, sexist, war-mongering madman as President. President Trump. President Trump. President Trump… I still can’t make that sound believable.

      1. But I have to say, I have never considered myself the lowest life form on the planet. Every nation has its deplorables — look at Rob Ford — but they don’t mean a whole country is like that.

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