How to be a more interesting woman

cover of how to be a more interesting woman

How to be a more interesting woman

Ladies, here is your chance to shed your boring personality.  Learn to speak “properly” with a variety of conversation topics. Don’t be too aggressive and attempt to share your personal opinions. (Men don’t really like that.) I am really going to work on my lady skills with this nice book. I’m already halfway there since an interesting woman evidently hangs out in the library.


how to speak and think

the woman you want to be

5 clues to become a more interesting woman

5 clues to becoming interesting


  1. “When you feel like… committing some silly act of violence…” scrub something. Good girl. O.o

  2. Ahahahaha, I totally angry-clean things when there isn’t anything I can do to solve the problem. First the dishes, then the stove…..I figure, it uses up the energy and whether or not I feel any better afterwards, at least I’ve got clean dishes that I didn’t have before. Why use up my good mood on stupid cleaning? 😀

  3. p13: when reading, make sure you stay in the 640’s. hey now! back away from the 300’s: those pesky social and political issues are nothing for you to trouble your pretty little head about!

  4. Have “opinions without being opinionated… disagree without being disagreeable…. practice forgetting yourself. Self-respect is being conscious of yourself without being self-conscious.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Oh, and for god’s sake have a sense of humor because otherwise all the contradictions will make you angry clean.

  5. “Practice forgetting yourself. Self respect is being conscious of youself without being self conscious.”

    Yes, because being an indvidual with a personality, thoughts and feelings is VASTLY overrated…

    This book was from the upstanding women from Stepford, Connecticut, wasn’t it?

  6. At least it’s got a smart black woman choosing books in a Library on the cover, that’s pretty cool (especially for 1965)!

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