How to be a Jewish Mother

How to be a Jewish Mother coverHow to be a Jewish Mother
A Very Lovely Training Manual

This was snagged from the humor section and is a training manual for Jewish mothers and how to really use passive aggressive comments and guilt. The author asserts that this training is also appropriate for other ethnic groups and religions.

Of course this book is old but not necessarily a bad choice. My gripe is that the tape and certain unidentified substances make it weed-worthy. I will leave it to the Jewish mothers out there to discuss the accuracy of the “advice”.



Jewish mother back cover

spoon feeding

technique of basic suffering

High school and college phase

daughter found necking


  1. This was a big best-seller, and he’s still a reasonably successful writer–as well as being an ex of Nora Ephron.

    1. I have this book, but mine has purple covers, not blue.I bought it more thatn 30 years ago, as a discard from my neighbourhood library. I also have “Ho”w to Make Yourself Miserable” By Dan Greenburg with Marcia Jacobs.” A vital training manual, ” the ultimate in self-demoralizing manuals..
      I will never part with those two books.

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