How Smart is Your Cat?

The Cat IQ Test coverThe Cat I.Q. Test: Measure your cat’s brainpower and social skills and discover your strengths as an owner

When I saw this title in a library catalog I was searching, I thought it must be a book of humorous essays about cats. I like a cat story as much as the next librarian, so I requested it through interlibrary loan. I should have read the subtitle more carefully, though, because this book is absolutely serious! It explains that some breeds are smarter than others, and how you can find out what your cat’s IQ is.

The idea that some animals are generally more intelligent than others is nothing new, and I can even get on board with the idea that like people, some cats are more intelligent than other cats. I can even think of specific people who would take the time and trouble to score their cat’s IQ. There is definitely an audience for this book, and the public library in which it was found is even a reasonable place for it.

So, it’s not an awful library book at all! I’m featuring it here because it’s a little quirky, and because what I assumed was a joke turned out to be a real thing. I’m not sure what you are supposed to actually do with the information once you score your cat’s IQ, but if you’d like to know, this is the book for you.

I’m pretty sure Mary’s cats are both eligible for Mensa. Smart little critters.


Cat IQ Test back cover

Translating score to cat's IQ

How well have you trained your cat?

How well has your cat trained you?

IQ Test scores

pure breeds vs. mixed breeds and male vs. female


  1. If I saw my cats eating plants, the last thing I would think is that it’s because they’re becoming a vegetarian. That would make them smarter than me! I know cats are natural carnivores and should not be put on vegetarian or vegan diets. I once grew them some cat grass but they didn’t care for it.

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