How about some make-up?

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Make-up Magic
Van Hazinga

What make-up goes best with big hair and leg warmers? For that complete 1980s look, you can learn some nifty techniques to make your eyes, cheeks, and lips ready for that next school dance or for an 1970s-80s David Bowie Cosplay.

Make-up, fashion, and hair books, need to be weeded more often than you think. Aside from changing styles, many of these books will reference products that are no longer available. This book is aimed at teen girls so being extra conscious of issues of body issues, diversity, inner beauty should also be considered. That said, this little artifact from the 1980s should be weeded from the collection as soon as possible. I doubt that Mom’s (or possibly Grandma) choices in make-up would be any teen’s first choice.


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tips for black and asian women

make-up for today

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  1. Besides being, well, EEEK, I would like to point out that no matter what decade it is, you can’t hide a double chin with makeup. Sorry, page 32.

  2. Move these books to the costumes section of the library collection for the confection of halloween/mardi gras/masquerade disguises of perfection. Submitted with affection (affectation).

  3. Weed the book for diction: “Oriental eyes benefit….” ugh. “Black and Asian women have special beauty needs, special beauty strengths.” doubleplusugh. Here the book is written with the attitude of that white is the norm and other races are deviations from the norm. This book was not written with full mindfulness.

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