How about some cheese with that “whine”?

A children's book about whining cover

A Children’s Book About Whining

Gotta hand it to Joy. She is so optimistic that kids might reconsider their behavior after a moment of self reflection. I am of the mind that many adults haven’t quite mastered this skill. More than once, I have faced off with a parent who had better whining skills than the average kindergartner.

I can appreciate the intent, but I doubt this book has very little impact on a child’s behavior. A better strategy is ear plugs and a drink (preferably alcoholic).


crying or talking in a nagging way

whining is driving me crazy

remember to do this instead of whining

boredom can bring on whining


  1. It’s good that the whiner is a boy. Also that the cute bunny is not having it with the whining.

    Women/girls are always slammed for being “too emotional and naggy”, but it’s boys/men who have the entitlement that fuels whining. Incels and dudebros whine all.the.time. on social media, as does a certain ex-Prez.

    Not that reading a book is going to stop any kid of any gender from whining. Perhaps Joy could do a book on this topic for adults?

    1. Kids’ book for Adults; theme: whining; main character: the orange ex-USAPrez who whines even today.

      1. Or incels who whine about things like horror, scifi, fantasy, and comic books “going woke” when in fact, these things were ALWAYS woke.

  2. This book series circulates pretty well at my library. Parents often ask for something to help teach good behaviors. I’m curious if there is something newer available? Since this continues to circulate, I can’t call it an automatic weeding candidate.

  3. The topic is important, but this book just feels like a lecture. The Berenstain Bears books, for example, taught good habits but were still entertaining. Also, if the book is going to be effective at changing behavior, the reader should be able to relate with the characters or see bits of themselves. I don’t think anyone wants to relate with these characters.

    1. Great point. These just seem like lectures with (failed) attempts at humor and ugly art.

      Kids should not be lectured to and hectored just because they’re young.

  4. Don’t I wish whining always didn’t work. My brother and SIL are raising two little hellions. The barely two-year-old has learned that screaming like a banshee will get her attention and whatever she wants. ‘Susie’ doesn’t want milk? Scream and Mommy and Daddy get her apple juice. Doesn’t like apple juice? Let’s put soda in her bottle (yes, soda, and a baby bottle at almost two). When Daddy says he’s tired of tossing ‘Emma’ into the air over and over? Emma will just whine-cry and “Daddy please!” until he complies.

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