How about a career in video games?

video games cover

Video Games
How It’s Made

I am sure this book from 1996 is super informative to those kids dreaming of a career in gaming. There really aren’t very many specifics and I am sure the industry itself is nothing like it was in 1996. I would also imagine the jargon has also changed over the years. Bottom line, this needs to be weeded.

I think my husband has some instructions on Pong somewhere in our house, in case this holding library is looking to start a retro gaming collection.


video games back cover

game design

game design


other games

how to win


  1. Maybe the children or grandchildren of the original readers could give this to their elders as a nostalgic gift.

    Book sale or online, might get a bite — or maybe not. Perhaps this book is destined to become recycled paper.

  2. Also, “game pak”? I’ve never heard that. Weren’t they all just “cartridges” back then?

    I know by 1996 we had games on floppies, and even CD-ROM.

    1. The official name for cartridges for the original NES was “game paks,” but nobody ever called them that.

  3. That screenshot on the back cover reminds me of one of my all-time favorite video (computer) games: SkyRoads. One of the few games I listened to the music of.

  4. I must say, I do admit I like the inclusivity by showing a woman on the front cover. At the time women weren’t seen as serious gamers.

    But, I agree, on the whole, this was dated already by the time it came out 1996.

  5. I just looked at the PC on the cover: there were 2 of that exact case in the “computer studies” (typing) classroom at school. Both floppys, a hard power switch, a “TURBO” button that took you from 33 to 66 MHz (displayed on the green numbers seen here), and a sliding plastic cover so you didn’t accidentally hit the hard reset button. It was a 386, which had been superseded by the 486 and 586 (Pentium 1) by this publish date (1996).

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