House of Hair

Dee Snider's Teenage Survival Guide

Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide

It’s confession time, ALB fans.  I, Holly Hibner, am a closet metal head.  Actually, not so closet.  I have been to several heavy metal concerts and been known to “bang my head” while driving.  Are you shocked?  Just doing my part to break the librarian stereotype…

Ok, now that true confession time is over, let’s talk about this book.  Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister in the ’80s.  This was a cool book in my day!  It’s still a good book message-wise, but if you gave this book to a teenager today they would probably laugh hysterically and ask who the clown on the cover is.  It’s definitely time for an upgrade!

P.S.  I will say that I love the radio show “House of Hair” on Sunday mornings, hosted by none other than…that’s right…DEE SNIDER!  Awesome!

Dee Snider's TEenage Survival Guide

Teenage Survival Guide


  1. This book went from hip to obsolete to probably being cool again to the hipster kids who would view it as “ironic” and use it to make xeroxed gig posters.

  2. If you want a really scary experience, look at Holly’s playlist on her ipod… very, shall we say, different!
    Second true confession: I thought Dee Snider was a kid on Facts of Life. I will now crawl back in my cave

  3. You need to employ Justin as part of that new crew of Friends of the Library….this would buy a lot of koolaid and cookies for after school programs.

  4. Rock on, metal-head librarians! This is hilarious.

    As a fellow metal head (though death and black metal are more my speed…not Twisted Sister), I am right here with you getting an extra-evil laugh out of this one. Hard to believe it ever *made* it into your library, let alone stayed there for decades. Ouch.

    Oh, and thank you for proving that being a bookworm and a headbanger are not mutually exclusive.

  5. Forget Justin. That book would fund a library class, textbooks and fees for me. Give it to me!

  6. A really awesome teen survival guide is Kate Bornstein’s Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws….

  7. We’re not gonna take it,
    No! We ain’t gonna take it!
    We’re not gonna take it

  8. Those Amazon prizes are from stupid auto-listing programs that pick sky high prices for books where only a few copies are offered. The Dee Snider is a solid $30-40 dollar book though and I would bang my head if I found it at a thrift shop.

  9. Oh my. I wandered by the website via Neatorama, and came across this post. My FIRST club band concert was by Twisted Sister (yes, I’m dating myself) and for years I was a SMFFOTS (erm, can’t spell it out due to foul language constrants). I actually saw them about 5-6 yrs ago when they tried to regroup and even wore my ancient band t-shirt. I would have LOVED this book (and frankly, would still be thrilled to own it)! Thanx for sharing – this one put a real smile on my face 🙂

  10. However kept this on the shelf may feel vindicated. Dee Snider is de rigueur once again, doncha know?

  11. Advice from Dee Snider, according to Twisted Sister videos:

    When an adult calls you “worthless and weak”, and demands to know what you intend to do with your life, you as a solidly-based teen should reply: I wanna rock! then strike a power cord with the amp up to 11.

    Especially useful if your father or teacher resembles a character from ‘Animal House’.

  12. Oh gasp! I read this in 7th grade! Sadly, the only thing I remember is this anecdote about trying to impress his date by spitting and ended up spitting on her. I remember gagging through that chapter. I still have a rational fear of spitters.

  13. im a 45 yr old english guy.i got to see the twisted ones when they came to england befor the release of thier 1st album.i was also a member of the of hair,..awesome.anyone know of any other stations worth for hte book…ill check it out

  14. all this talk of 80’s glam metal makes me feel old, but its still my favorite music of all time. Here here I say to all you old school metal heads, house of hair show is awsome, go Dee. The book was awsome back in the day.

  15. if its not metal…ITS CRAP!

    we should start a heavy-metal librarian movement

    exactly how old is dee anyway?

  16. Dee is 55 yrs old. Well duh if there is young people in here and They think his hair is weird. Its from the 80’s….and he still has it awesome!. I love Dee. Wait what am I talking about I am a young person but I dig the 80’s hair metal scene. I want this book so bad, because 1. its Dee 2. Dees funny 3. Dees smart 4. Its Dee…..wait didnt I already say that lmao. Yes I listen to House of Hair and in the immortal words of Dee Snider, if its not metal its crap!

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