Hot Tips for that 80’s Professional

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Hot Tips
1000 Fashion & Beauty Tricks

Aside from the fact the fashion is way out of date, and the illustrations are not great, this kind of book is a great idea. Dressing professionally was a big deal in the late 1970s and 1980s. Everyone I knew seemed to think about presenting the correct look for a professional woman. I think the claim that you will look “model-perfect on a tight time budget” is a bit of an oversell.

Every fashion book talks about the transition from day to evening wear, like it happened all the time to young professional women. Frankly, I don’t remember EVER having to transition from day to evening, but then again, I didn’t get out much. I kept thinking everyone was having a glamorous time in the 1980s, except for me.


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  1. OMG! Those shoulders!

    And that layout. Why? I keep looking for the Charles Atlas ads. “Don’t let bullies kick sand in your face!” Maybe I could order a Secret De-coder Ring too. The whole thing makes my eyes itch.

    1. Oh, that layout!

      Unhappily, there was a fashion in the late 1970s and early 1980’s to make help books look like the back pages of a small town newspaper. It was always a temptation to look for the obituaries.

  2. “Hot Tips for the Professional Woman” is the back-cover blurb…so what profession is the woman on the cover supposed to be dressed for? She needs some buttons, for starters.

  3. “How to buy a boot that fits”: put boot on foot; walk around the store; if it doesn’t put boot back in shoe box; pay for boot.

  4. She’s trying to look professional on the cover? Let’s start with buttoning the blouse, and losing the white socks.

  5. I hope the look on the cover was not being promoted as “professional!” And what’s with the sex-kitten unbuttoned blouse paired with white fuzzy socks and moccasins?

  6. Must say, I don’t remember the open blouse look. That said, if you’re tasked with putting together a list of “24 ways to wear a blouse” I guess “unbuttoned” is going to have to be one.

  7. I’m curious about the 24 ways to wear a blouse (or is it some ridiculous combination of tucked & untucked + buttoned & unbuttoned)

    1. Looks like you need all 24 blouses! One notched collar, one banded collar, etc. Talk about bait-and-switch! I wanted to hear how to select a blouse and accessorize it 24 different ways!

  8. It strikes me that, even as late as the early ’80’s (when I was a lad of tender years)
    women STILL wore dresses.

  9. I was once surprised to learn that women still wore dresses as late as the early ’80’s when this book was published.

  10. Wearing your shirt braless with it unbuttoned only screams one kind of professional.

    As for the comments about women wearing dresses – what about them? We still do. I have one coworker I’ve only seen in dresses. Granted, they’re Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter themed dresses, but she always wears dresses.

  11. Don’t forget those 90’s dresses with the floral prints and big white lacy collars!

  12. Full disclosure: those moccasins remind me of my childhood and I would kill to have them. Boobs are too big for the cover look though, and that paper bag waist only looks good on slender ladies.

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