Hot Guys for the over 40 crowd

god's gift cover

God’s Gift
Over 100 Studs, Stallions and Dreamboats from the 70s and 80s

Hold on to your hats those of you of a certain age! I will bet you once swooned over these guys. This funny little book is just portraits of the long ago singers and actors. It is clever and fun for a certain demographic, especially in a public library. Right now I can think of at least 5 patrons that I wait on that would get a kick out this little bit of teenage flashback. Almost makes me want to break out an issue of Tiger Beat. In other news, I miss Starsky and Hutch.

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  1. I’m an 80s kid but I’d have to look to see if Randolph Mantooth was in there. I’m an Emergency lover.

  2. This IS funny. The hair! The clothes! John Travolta’s skinny arms!

    But who may I ask is Andrew McCarthy?

    1. He was in such movies as St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, & Weekend at Bernie’s (ugh).

    2. Also Mannequin! More recently, he’s a travel writer/photographer & did some directorial work for Orange Is The New Black

  3. I’m 41 and all these guys were too old to be of interest to me and my friends back in the day.

    1. Heck, I’m 63, and had crushes on exactly none of these people. (Don’t ask me about Leonard Nimoy, though…)

  4. I cant believe this book left out Harrison Ford…..I had the BIGGEST crush on that man back when I was 13 in ’83… I must hv watched the Indiana Jones movies dozens of times while I was babysitting lol! I had his pics plastered all over my walls…. just so damn handsome as that character!! I just watched a clip from the first Indiana Jones the other day and I think the 13 year old in me had damn good taste!!!!

    1. There’s over 100 entries so he could be in there! I agree with your assessment, I was 13 when Star Wars came out and Han Solo was pretty hot ;-).

  5. I assure you I never salivated over any guy with an unbuttoned shirt/jacket displaying hairy chest, with or without necklace. Ugh!

  6. So since you can think of at least 5 patrons, I take it this is NOT one to be weeded? A looking to see if a library in my area has it now, since just this snippet made me laugh more than I have in a while.

  7. Studs, stallions, and dreamboats. I’m not sure any of those terms are still used. Even hunk and hottie seem to be dying out. I’m not sure what the current lingo is for attractive guys is now, beyond hot.

  8. Tom Selleck remains a fave, esp. as Jesse Stone. Love “Gil Grissom,” “Elliot Stabler” and “Bobby Goren” now.

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