Hot for Teacher

Forbidden Apple coverThe Forbidden Apple: Sex in the Schools

Submitter: This creeptacular cover has two young students trying to tempt their teacher with apples, just like Eve. Below, I included the section about the Police and their then-hit song, Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Other gems:
Trapping teachers with questionable lie detector test
Firing teachers for a sex change

I worry about one case, scanned below, where the school and parents let a pedophile go without reporting him to the police. Yikes!

Holly: That cover! Ick. This book is a victim of the 80s and needs to be replaced with something more current. It’s an important topic, but this is not helping. Also, I didn’t realize that student-teacher sexual relationships were a “common problem” as indicated below. Sure, it happens, but commonly?

Forbidden Apple contents

Don't Stand so Close to Me

Teachers and Mature Students


Sex Change in the Far West


  1. Chapter Five: “Love and Lust In the Faculty Lounge” made me laugh and throw up at the same time….

  2. At least they take a sympathetic “he deserves the benefit of the doubt as long as he keeps his sex life out of the classroom” attitude. I’d like to know who wrote this book and if it were written from a religious or secular perspective (almost certainly secular; if it were by a Christian writer the attitude would be more like ‘EEK! HOMOSEXUAL/TRANSSEXUAL PREDATORS ARE TEACHING OUR PRECIOUS INNOCENT CHILDREN!! LOCK UP THE KIDS!!!’)

    1. Those are girls with mullets on the tree, so the male teacher makes sense. At least the one on the right is definitely a girl.

  3. “A homosexual teacher is protected by law…” Except in a lot of parts of the US (even more at the time of this book’s writing), they really, really are not.

  4. Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” is from 1984, so it’s interesting it wasn’t included in the book.

  5. What’s scary is this does happen! I was in high school from 1979-1983. In one school year, three different teachers were “caught” with a girl in a “compromising position” It was the same girl all three times! My mother worked with her mother and it took law enforcement and social services until the “third time” before they realized it was the girl who was setting up the scenarios. These teachers were all dumber than dirt and not one realized it was all a set up by this girl. It never “hit the news” but it was all the talk of the school on every level. That “girl” is 49 years old now. How time flies.

    1. And one of the big problems with the educational system in America today is that 1) we need more teachers, especially male ones as role models for youth who may not have such role models elsewhere in their lives, but 2) men are far too often presumed to have pedophile interests, and if accused the presumption is guilt until proven innocent, and even a knowingly false accusation can ruin one’s career and reputation permanently.
      Never mind that the statistics show that female teachers are currently the ones “leading them astray” and being caught in inappropriate relationships with male and even female students. But the punishment is far too often disproportionate.
      This book actually looks like it’s trying to objectively address the issues involved, but I wonder if it was “aware” enough to address female teachers having relationships as well.

    2. I went to high school the same four years. In one of my city’s schools we had a teacher leave his wife to marry one of the students. It was widely covered in the local paper.

      1. I was in high school in the 1990s and we also had a teacher leave his wife to run off with a student. (Some time later, the ex-wife let him move back in.) I don’t think he got into legal trouble because the student was 18 at the time. But of course he didn’t get to keep his job.

  6. Why is there an apple on the ground near the teacher? Is that the apple that didn’t roll far from the tree?

  7. ” He was an excellent teacher, except for his tendency to give a monkey bite here and there” .What’s a monkey bite? I never heard that term, is it the same as a blow job?

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