Homo Erectus in the Stacks

how man became cover

How Man Became

The artwork in this book is just nightmarish. The facial expressions are creeping me out, and the charcoal drawings seem too dark and dense for kids. I am not sure of the target age group. The text is pretty dense and detailed – more appropriate for middle school or at least upper elementary – but the illustrations seem more appropriate to the easy reader crowd. Regardless, it’s a weeder based on age anyway.

Just another homo sapien,


how man became back cover

history of primates

Homo Erectus

Homo Sapiens



  1. Homo Sapien is Latin for “wise man”? I can think of one thing wrong with that description. And no, I don’t mean just men, I think modern humans in general, male or female, lack this thing they call wisdom.

    1. Sapiens, sapientis. A Latin adjective — it ends in “s.” Plural is — for masculine or feminine nouns — sapientes. For neuter nouns, it is sapientia. Homo’s plural is homines.

  2. Yeesh, science books in the stacks older than 5-10 years? This should have been weeded decades ago

  3. How Man Became what? I think the author accidentally a word in the title.

  4. Saw that book at school as a kid and knew the artwork was crap even then. Very many theories of prehistoric man have been radically altered since the 1970s, so even an academic work of that era would now be out of date.

  5. Aw, I like the art–it’s very of its period (Anthony Browne came along just a little later than this, and Louise Fitzhugh has some of this flavor in her work). But still an easy weeder at that age!


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