Homemaking as a religious experience

Beautiful Home

Beautiful Homemaking

This book is some Christian based cleaning and cooking help. Evidently, the way to heaven is a tidy home and some decent meals. Fine. A lot of folks take homemaking seriously. More power to you. It’s the subtle (and not so subtle) implications that a good Christian woman does this and if you don’t, obviously you are not good or not a Christian. The Midwestern folks out there might get a kick out of a hot dish recipe or maybe a recipe for a mayonnaise based salad. Otherwise, it’s time to let this one go.


beautiful home


home decorating

good grooming

child psychology and flower arranging



    1. Of course it is a generalization. When I am outside the Midwest, most people don’t seem to understand the significance of mayo and jello. 🙂

  1. Seriously, though, five cup salad is delicious. (Why yes, I am from the Midwest.)

  2. Well there’s some eye-watering privellege right there. Pretty sure plenty of people didn’t have the luxury of having one person who didn’t work outside the home, even then. (To be fair, at least they thought women should be informed about politics, and didn’t try to advocate for one particular party.)

  3. Yes, Five Cup Salad is a solid contribution to our family potlucks and holiday meals – topped with orange-section flowers with marshmallow centers!

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