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Pro Techniques of Making
Home Video Movies

This archeological gem is from a community college library. For the time, it was a pretty good book and it would be a good choice for a public library. Lots of advice about arranging shots, planning, and design. Regardless, this is weeder based on technology alone. Although if Betamax makes a comeback…


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  1. Let me tell you, my grand father’s 8 mm silent videos are absolutely worth, to us, the expence we were put to, and the time he must have put in, to make them. There are tapes on the shelf at work in a conference room I desperately want to watch.

  2. Proto-instagrammers? Nowadays you have guides on taking selfies or making your home look as good as possible in photos.

  3. Here seems like a good a place as any to recommend people watch “A Visit to Santa” by Clem Williams. A really good example of what can happen on home video. Safe for work.

  4. What’s the random 70’s wedding picture doing there? Couldn’t they find a picture from an 80’s wedding?

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