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Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask
McIntire and Windham

This is one of those books that caught my eye because of the family on the cover. The expressions are just a bit weird. I think the kids (and possibly the dog) are evil robots and are out to destroy us… but hey, that’s just me.

As a home school manual, it’s not too bad but it is dated. I think the format is helpful for first time homeschooling families. I had to home school my then 2nd grader and kindergartner when we had returned to the US after a work assignment for a couple of years in the UK.  The UK teachers set me up for a month and I thought this would work fine. (I even have an education degree!) Within 2 weeks, I started to believe it was a murder/suicide situation in the making. Bottom line, I am not that kind of parent. I will chalk up my month to a lesson learned and leave education to the pros.


Homeschooling back cover

characteristics of successful homeschool parents

what does a typical day look like?


  1. The dog looks photoshopped in. Dad is looking off to the side for some reason. Can’t say if the book is any good, but that “sample schedule” looks a little dirty. Weed on condition?

  2. The first question that came to mind was: Is it “homeschooling”, one word, or “home schooling”, two? And the sample page hits me with “home-school”, hyphenated. You just can’t win.

    FlowCoef, they had to photoshop in the dog because the pictured family’s actual dog isn’t ostentatiously blonde.

    1. Sigh… I grew so tired in Early Childhood Development classes when the books portraying blondes were bashed and we were told “never” use them! One example was the wonderful “Pat the Bunny.” Guess what? SOME FAMILIES ARE BLONDE!

      1. I was torn between “ostentatiously blonde” and “ostentatiously white”. Both could elicit the same response, but the alternative version has a much stronger “whoosh” factor.

  3. “Home Schooling: Answers to Questions Most Parents Ask”;

    Such as “Don’t you have anything more recent/less crappy looking?”

  4. Is there a chapter in this book on giving home haircuts as the kids and mom all have the same bangs. Exactly like my mom gave me when I was a kid in the 70s! Not a good look, thanks mama!!!

  5. I think the first author had to home-school her children because she could not go out in public with that hair — she would have started a riot.

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