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National Rifle Association of America

Submitter: Uncanniest book cover… ever? Note the passive man in the recliner staring at a blank TV screen, the stains on the carpet, and that menacing, satisfied look on the gun owner’s face.

Holly: This was submitted on our Facebook page, but it was too good not to post here too. The woman looks so serene. Just a housewife, cleaning her gun. You know, ‘cuz it’s Tuesday. The dude in the chair better watch himself.

Mary: My first thought looking at the cover was that she just capped hubs and is now cleaning up. The other pictures are also kind of weird. ┬áThere is a definite “children of the corn” type of glaze on the people featured.

home firearm safety back cover

point gun in safe direction

store in closet

children in the home


  1. Those are some creepy pictures! Thank goodness this one has been weeded!

    I don’t own a firearm and have never shot one in my life, but isn’t it poor advice in the “Safe Direction” portion to say that if you’re outside, either point it upward or downward? If it were to go off and you shoot up in the air, that bullet has to eventually come down (and will even faster, with the aid of gravity)–and now you have no easy way of determining where that’s going to happen. I have heard of people being killed by stray bullets in this manner.

  2. Each of these pictures looks like it should be an internet meme with the word “SOON” captioned onto it in Impact font.

  3. Other than the goofy photos, the content is still spot on. I found a beginning firearms book for boys, about 50 years old, that is an excellent resource.

  4. Yes, age of book doesn’t matter. A gun is a machine for killing other mammals. Every home should have at least one, they are SO useful!

  5. The lady in the Rule #1 photo needs to remain vigilant in case the man’s weapon goes off in her hand.

    PS how did Americans fill their leisure time before the invention of affordable mass market guns?

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