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Home Filing Made Easy coverHome Filing Made Easy!
Martin and Martin

Oh good, everyone loves filing! Everyone reaaaaally loves easy filing! This book is certainly easy to follow, since there is so little mention of technology. Just stick your papers in folders and you’re good to go! To be fair, it does talk about fire proof boxes and an indexing system for easy retrieval. Not everyone is blessed with a librarian’s cataloging brain. (Should I file separately under auto insurance and health insurance or together under insurance, auto and insurance, health? Ok, it’s a blessing and a curse.)

As usual, this book is just old. These days, a home filing system has to acknowledge scanning, shredding, software options, apps, and uber-heightened security against identity theft. This 20-year-old book isn’t good enough.



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Protect computerized data on disks




  1. My mom who is in her 60’s still files everything without technology. She knows exactly where everything goes by memory.

    1. My mother, who is in her 90s, has a similar approach. But, she’s missing the last part now, alas. Lots of duplication going on.

  2. i don’t file anything – instead every five years I just burn the house down and fake my death

  3. I keep real files to store and organize the real drawings of my real cartoons that I drew without the use of a computer in my real filing cabinet. The technology I use for my art is a Bic ballpoint pen that cost a couple of dollars and some copy paper.


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