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Creative Home Decorations You Can Make


Creative Home Decorations You Can Make: Low-Cost Ways to Beautify Your Home

Submitter: I love crafts, and often hit up my local library for a good craft book. This is where I found this absolutely filthy book. Like many craft books from this era, all the images are black and white. The crafts themselves were uninspiring to boot!

Holly: Oooh, a felt clown picture. I know what Mary’s getting for Christmas.

Creative Home Decorations You Can Make

Felt clown

Fake fruit


  1. That cover looks like a huge pile of poop. Who would say, I want to make crafts that look like THAT?

  2. If it were in better condition, this would probably still circ at my library. The crafts people are insatiable. I’d weed it for reasons of hygiene, though.

  3. Remove the dust jacket. It will become 100% better looking, but may still not be worth keeping. I swear dust jackets exist just to get torn and ugly looking sometimes.

  4. More proof (as if you needed it) that “Just because it can be done does not mean that it should be done.” Ever. Even if you have a contract to write a craft book.

  5. I want to buy up all of the 70s-era decorating books for entertainment value alone. This might be one of the duller ones due to no color pictures, but still good for a laugh!

    1. If you inherited the fake fruit you are ahead of me. My granny-o let all hers melt in the obscenely hot side porch along with the candles whose wicks sunk to the bottom.

      1. My grandma kept hers on display in an ivory china compote thing on top of the buffet in the dining room, where no sun ever reached. As a child I always wanted to play with them but was never allowed. So now, they are pretty pristine — alas, I no longer want to play with them.

  6. I think they call that “bedazzling” now, and the equipment’s a lot more expensive.

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