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Neither Proof nor Trace for the Holocaust coverDeliveries of Coke, Wood and Zyklon B to Auschwitz—Neither Proof Nor Trace for the Holocaust
Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 40

Submitter: As a collection development librarian who receives email suggestions, you never know what you’ll find when you open a request. We received this eBook as an unwanted donation this week. It’s a Holocaust denying book that is totally crazy and full of inaccurate information. I am hoping the other 39 volumes are not on their way!

Holly: I can’t get past the series title: Holocaust Handbooks.

Holocaust contents

Deliveries of Coke excerpt

Holocaust Handbook conclusion


  1. Fortunately for collection managers, Holocaust denial is down there with flat-earth theories – the topic is manifestly fallacious, so the books can be discarded without even a cursory examination.

  2. I absolutely cannot fathom how someone gets to a place in life where they not only deny the Holocaust but publish 40 volumes about how it didn’t happen.

  3. Unfortunate follow up to the discussion thread under that antivaccine book last week. A library that supports research on the Holocaust, Holocaust deniers/denialism, related sociology/psychology, other related fields of study, and the LOC can keep a copy as a primary source. If I got this in the mail and still had the packaging, I’d reseal it and reject it back to the sender. As an ebook, it is easier to just delete it and send a short email reply that it isn’t being added.

  4. I said this on Facebook the other day in a different context but it still applies.

    I wonder if I can fail to respect your opinion, but still respect your right to have an opinion I don’t respect. I’ve decided that if lives are at stake, then, no.

    1. I can’t not in that I cannot know how to force someone to think/not think something, but I can keep expressions of it out of places I control and challenge them in places I have a partial say at.

  5. “I absolutely cannot fathom how someone gets to a place in life where they not only deny the Holocaust…”
    Well, there are strange people everywhere — just look at all the believers in Qanon!

  6. I’m glad I don’t usually check out ALB on Facebook, the many insane comments for both this book and the anti-vax one from a few days before would make me so furious my head would burst into flames.

  7. I just found an article online from January of this year about Amazon purging Holocaust-denial media, but it has been coming back. I found a book by this author listed on Amazon in an Italian version. It tries to legitimize the Protocols of Zion. I followed that to other Italian language books in the same vein.

    It is so hard to stamp out hate.

  8. I would be so tempted to send the donator back links to Myles Powers YouTube videos debunking Holocaust denial.

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