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red carpet pups coverRed Carpet Pups

I have a pet peeve about animals in outfits. Just no. They always look embarrassed. However, I am quite sure that there is an audience for this book. Kristin Stewart and Niki Menaj fans, maybe?

The copy I looked at was as sturdy as a magazine, but I would probably keep it. There is just no accounting for taste.


red carpet pups back cover

Kristen Stewart

cocker spaniel

Nicki Minaj


    1. It looks like a feature of this book: flip the top corners to open to the celebrity pages, flip the bottom corners to open to the dog pages. There’s a standard magic trick that works the same way.

      1. Yep, I’ve looked again. Look carefully and you can see the pages are quite obviously cut on a slant. Flip one way for celebrities, the other for dogs.

  1. These are not really great pictures of the stars, either. I wonder why they didn’t pick better images?

  2. I’m sorry, but I get a bit touchy when people get judgmental about dogs in clothing. My dog, Minnie, LOVES to wear clothing. We’ve tried to make her go out “naked” and she’ll actually lock her knees and refuse to move. I tried to have her sleep without PJs during hot weather, she would not let me sleep until I put something on her. Seriously, for two hours she stood over me, staring, and continuously waking me up. Until I finally relented and put a t-shirt on her. Only then would she sleep.

    The vet says that it’s because she’s a small dog and small dogs get colder faster. But I think it’s a comfort thing seeing how she used to be a breeder in a puppy mill and suffered years of abuse, starvation, and neglect.

    Not saying that this book isn’t stupid, just that people shouldn’t assume that all dogs are humiliated by clothing. Thank you.

    1. I agree with you Jami, some people are very judgemental when it come to dogs clothing, but as the veterinarian said, small dogs and certain breeds, get easily cold.
      I had two dogs ,a small and a medium one, and they both had hardly any hair in their bellies. and were always shivering. In winter the snow got clumpy on their sparse hair. so I had to put them a sweater or a jacket to form a barrier between their bare skin and the slush. When my dogs saw me taking their coats out, they got so excited, as it was a sign for them, that, we were going for a walk. Most of the people walking their dogs, had them in sweaters, although, I always saw a pair of skinny Greyhounds, which breed have short hair and are very skinny, walking naked in the snow, while their fat owners walked about in thick jackets and touques..
      My dogs didn’t feel embarrassed to be wearing coats, but they did laugh at each other, when they saw the other in a new outfit for the first time, and tugged at it. Dogs have a sense of humour too. I have friends who put costumes in Halloween to their dogs. and the dogs seem to enjoy it.

      1. I don’t have a problem with animals wearing clothes, as long as they don’t seem to mind, but I’m a little concerned about the one wearing glasses. I don’t have dogs, and I don’t know much about them, but it seems like the glasses could hurt the dog’s nose. How do they keep the glasses on them without a strap of some sort, because dogs’ faces are of course not shaped like humans’. I’m just kind of curious how dog glasses would work in a way that doesn’t hurt the dog.

        I know what you mean about clothes being temperature related. I have a long haired Nebelung cat and she gets shaved in the summer with a poodle-style cut so that she doesn’t overheat.

    2. My friend has a pittie service dog, and she needs to wear a sweater and boots in the winter, or she could be hurt by the cold. If you have extreme weather, clothing can be very important for animals. I mean, if it’s -40 and I’m wearing five layers so I don’t die, a dog probably could use a sweater, too.

  3. people dress up their pets because they think it makes them look like little people. But they are not little people, they are animals and I’m sure they prefer to be treated like their own species than like a human.
    For example, I have a cat who likes a pinch of catnip in his morning cup of coffee. 🙂

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