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Dressing for Glamour

Bob Mackie was THE designer for Hollywood glamour back in the 1960s and 70s. His roster of clients was just about everyone in Hollywood, notably: Carol Burnett, Cher, Liza Minelli, and Diana Ross. If the event or show required fashionable bling, Mackie was the guy. I was a HUGE fan of The Carol Burnett show, even into my cynical teen years, and I believe Bob Mackie was the first designer name I actually recognized.

This book was in pretty decent shape for as old as it was. Even with its age, I think it does have a place in a deep fashion/costuming/performing arts collection. This is one of those books that might work in some public libraries and not in others. If you are a student of fashion or costume designer, Mackie is the king.


PS if you have about 20 minutes you should watch Carol Burnett’s Went with the Wind skit. Mackie’s costume of the curtain dress is now in the Smithsonian.


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  1. What a coincidence! I turned on Jeopardy too early tonight and saw the end credits to Wheel of Fortune, and I noticed Vanna White’s dress was credited to Bob Mackie.
    “Vanna’s Wednesday Dress: BOB MACKIE Black chiffon strapless gown w/bodice top trimmed in silver beads & pearls with teardrop pearl “fringe” on black illusion, skirt flared at hemline w/train”

  2. Ah yes. Bob Mackie creations were amazing and the ‘Went With the Wind’ dress was hilarious. Carol’s comment that she ‘saw it in the window and couldn’t resist it’ made my normally staid mother almost fall off the sofa with laughter.

    The Carol Burnett You tube videos are always rewarding. Her Nora Desmond take-offs on ‘Sunset Boulevard’ are wonderful and Bob Mackie’s costumes are bang on.

    These days, when many of of us are stuck at home, these videos can provide an hour or two of unexpected pleasure.

    1. I can watch the Carol Burnett Show five days a week on MeTV — it’s at 11, the perfect substitute for the evening news that I can’t bear to watch these days. It’s wonderful! They really took the time to develop the “plots” in their skits — “Went With the Wind” being a terrific example. I saw that one not too long ago.

  3. I was in a thrift store in Palm Springs, CA, around new years and they had TONS of brand new Bob Mackie (I assume the company he started) clothing there. Sadly, nothing in my size. But I guess it was whatever the local stores had left over that didn’t sell and they wanted the tax write off. Still super pretty clothing. Was disappointed it was all mediums and smalls.

    Still, like you said, this book would be fine in a school dedicated to fashion design. No place in a public library, however.

  4. What is WRONG with you people? This CLASSIC book not only belongs in a public library, it would be a welcome addition to ANY woman’s Library. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW AMERICAN WOMAN DRESS?
    Bob Mackie offers sage advice for the everyday woman, using the stars he dresses as a point of reference…Sure, they are stage costumes…but the silhouettes can translate to everyday clothes, and Bob shows you how.
    Calling this an “Awful” library book is INSIPID. Got a problem with learning??

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