Holly’s Favorites for 2016

This is always one of my favorite posts of the year! I have so many favorites this year that it was hard to narrow my list, so Mary and I compared lists and divided the ALB goodness between us. Crafting books were a big winner in 2016. (Or loser, depending on how you look at it…) Note the post, Pleasure in the Craft Section and experience the trauma of the apple head doll craft. Phonics Phun is also a big winner, as it speaks to my inner 12 year old boy sense of humor.



Pleasure in the Craft Section

Applehead Dolls cover


Workout at the Office

Quick Workouts cover


Crochet Fashion

crochet vests


Serious Frisbee Only


How to Recognize Abnormal People

How to Recognize and Handle Abnormal People


Phonics Phun

Fantastic Phonics Food Factory cover


Does Jesus Need an Appointment?

god speaks to modern man cover


Bogus Potus

The Boy Who Looked like Lincoln


  1. I particularly love the “Abnormal People” book, because it reminds me of the first time I saw someone talking on a portable phone — you know, the sort as big as a brick? He was striding down the street, shouting into the thing, and at first glance (sometime in the early 90s) he looked completely mad… Then there was the first person I encountered with a bluetooth earpiece hidden in his hair, mid 2000s, who looked and sounded completely mad as he talked loudly about rather personal business in the checkout line, frowning hideously at me when I turned around because I thought he was talking to me.

    Now, of course, any description of abnormal behavior that includes talking to oneself would first require the officer to look closely for cords, earbuds, or other paraphernalia. And you kids can get off my lawn.

    1. I remember something extremely similar from county college days. Down the hall was a computer lab that had someone with one of those ear pieces that also had a microphone hanging from it (this was long before smartphones). Anyway, they were talking about his son who was doing something with the Mayor, who was a (literal I assume) “cocksucker”. This loud enough to be heard at least 30 meters away.

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