Holiday Recipes of the Doomed

holiday season cookbook

Holiday Season Cookbook
Favorite Recipes Press

As we start head into the holiday season, you will obviously need to step up your cooking game. This book is here to lead the way. This book contains all those lovely recipes from your favorite Home Ec teachers from high school. From what I can remember, I am not sure I would trust my home ec teacher to have something to contribute. After reading these recipes, I think we can assume that most of the home ec teachers aren’t necessarily going to win any cooking prizes.

Be sure to read the recipe for the Sauerkraut Ball. That recipe just says party. I am also concerned since I couldn’t tell if the recipes on the pages were actually represented in the photo. Maybe I really don’t want to know. The recipe for the Scandinavian Canape squares has the potential to cause an international incident as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden battle over which Scandinavian country was insulted with that recipe. My Swedish grandmother is rolling in her grave over that recipe being associated with her culture.

Happy Cooking for the Holidays,


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  1. My stomach wouldn’t allow me to read more than a few of these recipes, but they were vile! This book manages to make even stuffed mushrooms offputting, with “Italian herbs” and margarine. This is supposed to be for guests — why would anyone serve margarine to guests?? Yuck.

    1. So guests won’t stay too long or won’t move in?….that’s so cynical, but maybe that’s the point of this book. Keep the best stuff for yourself and pretend to serve your guests.

    2. What’s wrong with Italian herbs? Where I come from it’s standard thing, comes in a little glass bottle, and contains a mix of dried marjoram, basil, capsicum, rosemary , oregano, parsley, thyme. It’s used in tomato sauces, pizza bases, sprinkled over salads, etc. My mum used it, I use it, anyone I know who cooks uses it. Nothing to be squeamish about at all.

  2. Did they deliberately pick the worse Home Ec teachers to submit? Or did the teachers have a contest to see who could get the grossest recipe published?

    I couldn’t bear to read many of them either. A ball of sauerkraut coated in cream cheese made me

    I vaguely remember home ec, and we made boring, standard dishes. Mac and cheese from scratch, cookies, the ever-popular Jello salads, meatloaf with not-weird additions. Things that teens would be willing to eat.

  3. “It’s a gift that’s a part of us … and says ‘I care’.”

    So was van Gogh’s ear, and look where that got him.

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