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Holiday Cook Book

Just in time for your holiday cooking! All your special occasion dinners are here. Aside from the standard Thanksgiving and Christmas choices, we have those special foods for simple gatherings, like fancy sandwiches for the entire group. Again, the same loaf, cake-like sandwiches that have appeared on this site more than once or twice. God forbid you make a mistake and think you are biting into a loaf cake.

But wait, there’s more! Try a fruitcake for your next Christmas dinner. My late father was convinced there were only a handful of actual fruitcakes out there. Since no one likes it, it just gets re-gifted into eternity. I don’t think I have even seen a fruitcake since the early 1980s. I remember trying it as a kid because, cake, but nearly choking on the awful taste.

Breakout these holiday recipes for your next family gathering. If you play it right, people will ask you not to cook for future parties. Win-Win.



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  1. My mom makes a fruit cake that people actually enjoy eating.

    Not me, but others love it.

    My maternal grandma was a wedding caterer and mom and her sisters were made to help. So that’s probably why her fruit cakes are actually enjoyed by people.

  2. My mother made fruitcake that was actually requested by people. I think this was for 2 reasons: she was a great cook, and she also made it just after Halloween, then wrapped it in cheesecloth and regularly doused it with rum.

    I’d be super-annoyed to cut into something that looked like a cake to find ham and chicken inside. And how messy is it (even if you eat with a fork) covered in cream cheese? Just make finger sammiches like normal people.

  3. The only decent fruitcake I ate was the one served at Christmas by my ex-in-laws. They were lovely people. Too bad the same couldn’t be said about my ex-husband.

  4. Better Homes and Gardens would never get involved with the culture wars:

    Happy Holidays Cook Book or Merry Christmas Cook Book?

    There are Christmas cookbooks, but none with Happy or Merry in the title; why should any cookbook presume such?

  5. Foreign Fare?

    Where ever they went they became naturalized
    and domestic and thus ended their foreign affair.

    Each time they traveled overseas for foreign fare
    they had to leave again because
    they felt at home everywhere they went.

  6. Fruitcake?!: They must be skimping on the rum or whiskey or bourbon or scotch or vodka or brandy or shlivovitz or cognac or liqueur or gin or pastis or ouzo or ….I mean “and”.

  7. Bedbug Homes and Garbage Cans Holiday Horrors and Daze Cook Book:
    That could be a sticker in Wacky Packages.
    …Wacky Packages: I always threw the pink planks of gum away.

  8. We had this sitting on the cookbook shelf all through my childhood, and my grandmother had it as well. Now a copy sits on my cookbook shelf. I don’t remember anyone ever using it, and I know I haven’t, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. So there it sits, year after year.

  9. While I like buttery mashed potatoes those butter lakes on the potatoes in the illustration are grossing me out.

  10. I believe it was Dave Barry who popularized the theory of only one fruit cake being endlessly passed around. I’ve consumed at least five completely on my own, and dozens in company with others, so I do not subscribe to it (we make good and very boozy fruitcake in my family).

  11. In Australia fruit cake is certainly a thing at Christmas, people are split about if they like it or not but it’s nearly always served as part of the options and seems to get eaten. Perhaps they all come here in the end…

  12. I LOVE this Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks! I actually own 2 copies of this. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time finding the horrifying recipes but there are some hidden gems. And, weirdly, almost all cheese mentioned in the recipes is processed cheese. Did America have no real cheese in the 1960s?

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