Holiday Crafting Special!

tin can crafting

It’s not too late to break out the holiday books as we close in on the end of the year. If you are celebrating Christmas, there is still time to make some personalized gifts. Your family will appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Kicking off our collection, is Magic with Tin Cans. You can make a holiday tree, ornaments, and even a can chair! Just be careful to avoid cutting yourself on the can edges.

Book of Decorations cover

Alcoa’s Book of Decorations
If tin cans are too much, dial it down with aluminum foil. It’s SHINY!  There are plenty of holiday decorations and even some tin foil hats for those “special” relatives.

how to make christmas ornaments cover

How to Make Christmas Ornaments

Finally, get back to holiday basics with finely crafted ornaments. There are some lovely crafts for just about everyone on your list.


  1. I’ve said this many times about crafting….Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The above proves my point.

    And all puns are intended.

    1. I used to think that the red, plastic Tide bottle choir singers with paper lace doily collars and styrofoam heads with glued-on yarn hair were bad. These horrors have that beat all hollow. At lest the plastic detergent bottle choristers wouldn’t cause injuries.

      Happy Holidays, everyone and to all, a good night

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