Ho Hum Decorations for Christmas

Christmas Decorations cover

Christmas Decorations for you to make

For a book from 1965, surprisingly this edition was in remarkably good condition. That should be a red flag right away. Why isn’t in rougher condition? Did this book not get used enough? Was it a crappy choice in 1965?

The book does look old and the crafts aren’t that interesting. 5 minutes on Pinterest would yield better craft projects. Time to let this one go.


old fashioned chains

foil angel folded bird and angel tissue papier mache


  1. Meh. And those garlands of popcorn with cranberries, macaroni, and little wrapped candies are going to scream to mice CHRISTMAS DINNER !

    1. Agreed. Why not eat it yourself instead of wasting time stringing it (and hurting your fingers) then leaving it for mice and bugs? If you’re in cockroach territory, they’re going to come from miles around.

      Also, wrinkly piles of tissue paper are going to be not-festive on the tree, especially when the balloons pop. And dangerous if you’ve got a real tree and those super-hot 60s lights that you have to test every bulb of when it goes dark. Nothing says happy holidays like a house fire.

  2. I’ll just watch Call the Midwife this Christmas Day and watch the actors make their own paper chain garland and go all out on decorations. No food for the mice, no stress for me: they got paid to make the paper chain garland.

  3. It’s probably not a good idea to leave strings of popcorn for the birds to eat. They could get tangled up in the string or choke on it.

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