HIV/AIDS from the 1980s

Aids: Principles, practices and politics

AIDS: Principles, Practices, & Politics
Corless and Pittman-Lindeman

This book was published at the height of the AIDS crisis. This is a more academic title, but accessible enough for a general public library purchase. The 1989 publication date should immediately make this book a candidate for weeding. By the early 1990s, this book would have been outdated. Treatments and protocols for preventing transmission were already being updated. By the mid 1990s, even the term AIDS was on the way out and terms like HIV or the more generic sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), were replacing some of the older language.

This book probably does have some historical significance given it’s publication date. Again, this is a book that should not be used for a current understanding of HIV/AIDS and should be weeded from a general public library collection. It can be kept in a separate collection or archive. Weeding doesn’t necessarily mean toss it in the bin. It can also mean relocating a title to a collection more suited to its use.



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  1. Agreed. Hmm,….the same people who viewed HIV/AIDS as punishment don’t see the similarities between that virus/disease and Coronavirus/COVID-19; these people are exhausting as they refuse to receive any education (spiritual works of mercy: Counseling the doubtful ยท Instructing the ignorant)….either they’re being punished or they were ALL WRONG ALL ALONG on HIV/AIDS….
    I’d give up being right for mercy and compassion (corporal works of mercy) if such came down to that.

    And today!: 3 person cured of AIDS:

    1. Never underestimate the ability and eagerness of humankind of whatever stripe to engage in arrogant sanctimony in pursuit of either responding to fear or empowering their religious-style orthodoxy.

      As with people condemning those afflicted with AIDS, so now with people condemning those unwilling to kowtow to an increasingly-questionable COVID-19 zealotry.

    2. If the ads on TV are to be believed (har), today’s meds can prevent HIV and/or keep the viral load down to undetectable. By just taking pills.

      @Henri: The stem cell thing is amazing. I’m old enough to remember 1989 and watching people I know going from healthy and exuberant to skeletal and dead in such a short time. I met a semi-famous actor in… I think 1992? and when I was close enough to shake hands and look him in the eyes, my immediate thought was “He’s got AIDS.” He just had the look, I don’t know if it was in his eyes or his face. But you couldn’t tell from a distance. Sure enough, that’s what he died from a couple years later. Maybe living near San Francisco, I just picked it up subconsciously.

      Showing mercy and compassion beats being hateful and dogmatic any day. Preventing COVID is much easier, quicker, and cheaper than preventing HIV, and infinitely cheaper and easier than treating COVID.

      Weed this book, buy a newer one, or maybe something on how vaccines are safe, effective, and a damn miracle.

  2. The samples seem very much at the edge of what I’d think of public library would have people reading. I can’t say if it was inaccurate at the time.

  3. It’s been over two years since the covid pandemic began and there are still humans that are too stupid and ignorant and full of a certain bodily substance to do something as simple as wearing a mask. But cars have been around for over a century and people still won’t stop killing each other when driving, so it’s not really that surprising.

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