His Girl Friday


How To Run a School Newspaper

If this was the 70’s, this is an excellent choice for a maybe a school or even a public library under the right circumstances.  Of course there is nothing about computers or electronic information.  There is an excellent style guide and the book looks like a useful reference tool. In 2010 though, it is just a curiosity from a bygone era.  Did you notice that Ms. Goldberg had a bit about her husband in HER biography. Hmmm.


  1. Did they have that thing rebound? If so, why does the “new” cover have a price tag on it?

    It’s depressing how few (school) papers never advance beyond “Volume 1 / Issue 1”. Apparently this book didn’t either.

  2. Do such books even exist for modern day school newspapers? It must have been nice to have a time when people actually took extra time and effort to create quality looking publications, instead of the slobber that passes for most of the newsletters and school newspapers. I wonder what the author thinks of such travesties as the prolific use of Comic Sans MS or Papyrus fonts.