Hippie Crafts

Hippie Crafts coverHippie Crafts: Creating a Hip New Look Using Groovy ’60s Crafts

Submitter: This book has not circulated since being purchased back in 2005. From the looks of it, I can see why! Maybe Mary can delight us in some of her 60’s threads.

Holly: Mary is cool, but not this cool.

Mary: I am quite certain I sported a few similar items, but I am going to say no to the vests in the 5th picture. Some of these should have stayed put in the 1960s.

Flower Power Suede Headband

Give Peace a Chance Medallion


Earthy Purse

Yesterday's Weaving

Leather Purse


  1. O’Sullivan could have saved herself some trouble if she read ALB and took stock of all the other craptastic craft books from the era, noting how many are still in libraries.

    1. It’s escaped from the Village of the Damned. Blond hair, all forehead, scary eyes.

  2. Picture #5 is indeed craptastic. I think they might have been a bit on the edge even in the groovy hip years.

    Pretty sure I had a purse like that one.

  3. I’ve made one of the crafts from this book! Not the ones pictured here, of course. It was maybe 2007, and I assumed the book was pretty old at the time when I checked it out from the library. I should point out that I’ve since seen the craft in another book with clearer instructions. And IIRC, it didn’t lay flat and you had to flip multiple pages to get all the directions, which are both red flags for a craft book in my opinion.

  4. Is it just me who looked at the purse on the Vespa and thought “Isadora Duncan”?

    1. I was more distracted by mom with the demon child, it looks like she’s missing three or four teeth.

  5. Oh yes! I would absolutely check out this book. As someone who just attended a jam band music festival a few weeks ago–filled with vendor tents selling clothing/accessories very similar to some of these pics–I can attest that hippiedom is absolutely still a thing. This book just didn’t find its audience in its library apparently.

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