Hilton Sisters: Now sanitized for your protection

paris and nicky hilton cover

Paris and Nicky Hilton
A View from the Paparazzi

What a lovely choice for your 4th grader’s biography reading assignment. I am sure parents everywhere would love for these “celebrity icons” to be role models for the kids.

This isn’t the first time we have featured a Hilton bio on our site. That particular title was very edited to leave out the details. (No wonder it was only a few pages long.) This biography is much more in depth, but still somewhat censored on some of the more salacious details. My favorite part is the vocab list in the back which has thoughtfully included definitions of pornography and schadenfreude.

In my local school district, 4th and 5th graders have an assignment to read a biography, dress in a costume, and then perform as that famous person. When I saw this, all I could think of is a kid dressing up like Paris while standing next to kids that are dressing as Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, or Clara Barton.



Hilton sisters and paparazzi

simple life with Paris Hilton

Paris and a boyfriend

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  1. And the really sad thing is that most kids would rather dress like Paris Hilton while having no clue who Amelia Earhart is.

  2. An awful book indeed. But still, weeding it on pedagogical grounds would be a breach of our professional neutrality and thus a violation of the IFLA Code of Ethics. It’s up to our users (and their parents) to decide which books are good for them, not ours.

  3. Question #1 about the cover and the photos inside: Which one’s Paris and which one’s Nicky?
    Question #2: Why do I care about that?

    I still think the very best thing about Paris Hilton was her little dog Tinkerbell. And most of the perfumes in her perfume line smell pretty nice, but that’s about it 🙂 Fourth graders emulating her, though? That’s not hot.

  4. I think consideration for weeding should consider that this is now EIGHT years old. Does this talk about her arrests? The dog clothing line that benefited animal rescues? Things she’s acted in after that? The fact that she has like 15 perfumes, stores, apps, later albums? I mean, feel what you like about her, but erasing a WHOLE lot of her accomplishments is kind of ridiculous.

  5. I never buy “biographies” such as these for my little Catholic school library. The parents and the principal would flip…never mind the Sisters who teach! These girls are on the trashy side from my perspective. Don’t even get me started on the Kardashian girls. When selecting biography titles, I look for people who have made a contribution, not a spectacle.

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