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Hubba hubba! Nice short-shorts, dude!

Here’s another youth non-fiction book about cutting edge technology.  Or not.  What it is, in 2013, is a historical look at the tech of the late 1980s in video and TV.  Unfortunately, they call it “the newest developments in the field.”

This should have been weeded in the early to mid 1990s.


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Making a record

Video systems


  1. Why did everyone always predict videophones? Why didn’t anyone anticipate the “I’m wearing pajamas/picking my nose/paying attention to something completely different” factor?

    1. I’ve seen “The Jetsons” and MAD Magazine address that issue with masks to make you look better on the videophone and fake backdrops to make it look like you’re somewhere else (“No, honey, I’m not at the bar…”)

  2. Records? I know they still make them, but in 1989 the age group this was aimed at were either listening to cassettes or CDs.

    1. Indeed. We had a CD player back in the late 1980s, but we couldn’t afford CDs at the time, and my brother and I ended up taking it apart to see how it worked. Tape players, however, were like gold, especially if you had one that actually played in tune (a lot of cheap ones back then ran too fast or too slow).

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