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Creating Your High School Resume

Of course anyone hanging around this site already knows, I have a serious issue with old career materials. Well, add this one to the pile of irritations. First, it is dated. Obviously the impact of technology changes how we even go about finding jobs. (Note the recommendation of using Alta Vista for searching.) Second, resumes for high school students seems a bit much. The subtitle implies college and post college too. If the title said High School, I doubt a college level student or post grad will think this is appropriate for their needs.

The author also suggests that the resume shouldn’t be more than a page, unless they have some stellar extra jobs, activities, awards, etc. I question the advice of including ALL the awards and activities on a resume for a teenager. Most employers I know would probably not consider this a plus for a candidate. Most employers are going to wonder how that teen has time to do the actual job if they are busy with extra curricular activities.

This is a slam dunk weed in my opinion.


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  1. When I applied for my first summer job (1968, age 16) I had a resume. My mother helped me write it. It was a useful exercise and I was complimented with the comment that the company didn’t get such well-written applications from adults. My mother also helped me write my library-job-seeking resume six years later. It worked very well to get my career started.

  2. Not long ago, I hired a High School student for an Associate job at my library. She had a resume. It wasn’t as good as what you might expect from a professional librarian, but she did manage to demonstrate professionalism and clear communication skills. It wouldn’t surprise me, knowing her, if she had checked out a book like this (hopefully more current) from the library to prepare.

  3. I didn’t write a resume until partway through college, so I certainly wouldn’t have picked up a book titled “high school”.

    And a 1998-style resume is going to go into the trash (real or virtual), and not fit in with the employer’s format.

    This here is prime recycling material. Let it become something labeled “post-consumer product”.

  4. Insert here my distaste for current resume writing:
    1. Write resume
    2. Upload resume to company’s applicant tracking system (ATS)
    3. Manually put all of that information in to the ATS via web forms because it won’t parse your resume, or won’t do it accurately.
    A reference to my blog, I made some posts about these when I was faced with them applying for positions. None were great, some were incomprehensibly bad.

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