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Submitter: This book was out of date by the 1970’s, never mind today. We have included some great photos of what It was like to teach in the 1960’s.

Holly: I was a teacher for a hot minute in the mid-1990s, and this was already 30 years out of date then. It’s a nice snapshot of social history, but unless that’s what your public library’s mission is, it’s not very useful for the patrons!

Teacher salaries

Miss America contestants are teachers

Pictures of teachers in classrooms


  1. Oh look it’s just how my mom taught school before she got pregnant and was forced to quit. A concept as out of date as this book.

    1. My father used to tell me about a teacher who retired three times: first when married, then when pregnant, then on her own decision. This was the same place whose board of ed. had heated public meetings about hiring a divorced woman to teach.

    2. Could be worse. At a still earlier date, some teachers were dismissed the moment they got married.

      Come to think of it, I do believe this site has featured books from a time when a similar rule applied to (what were then called) stewardesses.

  2. Gosh, it’s good to know that being a ‘beauty queen’ was a plus if you wanted to be a teacher.

  3. Listening carrels! I had some in my library until out 2010 renovation! My mother REFUSED to quit teaching when she was pregnant with me, but teachers still weren’t allowed to wear slacks until the mid 1970s unless it was a pants suit with a jacket that completely covered the derrière!

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