Helping Children Cope

Right Book, Right Time coverThe Right Book, the Right Time: Helping Children Cope
Grindler, Stratton, and McKenna

Submitter: Although over 20 years old this book is not necessarily awful; it just needs some serious updating. What really caught me was the media in the back. This was just weeded from a rural public library system. We do weeding on a schedule year-round, but this year our main location went hard at the adult non-fiction section, and came across gems like this. Again, not awful in concept, just awfully out-of-date.

Holly: There’s a floppy disk in the back! Bibliography books get outdated so fast. This book had a limited shelf life because it is based on social issues, which themselves are dependent on currency. I wasn’t sure what “Fast-Track Families” are, but the book descriptions are about kids needing attention from on-the-go parents. These are all valid reasons for children’s books, but currency is key. I wonder if any titles from the Doris Hall of Infamy make an appearance in this book?

Right Book, Right Time excerpt

Right Book, Right Time excerpt

Right Book, Right Time floppy disk


    1. I don’t think that’s a publisher’s warning – it looks like a sticker added by the library. A reasonable precaution on a disc that circs.

  1. I see it references an earlier ALB entry, “Lee, The Rabbit With Epilepsy”(which my town’s library had at one time).

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