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Recovering from the war1Recovering from War
A Woman’s Guide to Help Your Vietnam Vet

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) started getting noticed as veterans of the Vietnam War were returning from Vietnam. The Fall of Saigon was in 1975, and this book’s publication date is only 15 years after the war essentially ended. The problems of veterans were the subject of a lot of discussion in the media then, and even as I was poking around for info when this book came up, the VA says that even today, veterans still can suffer symptoms.

That said, there could be merit in hanging on to a book like this, but I doubt references from the 1970s and 1980s would ring true to today’s vets and their families. The memoir aspects of this book would be interesting to those of us who were around during that time, but the resources and information wouldn’t be as helpful.


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  1. Get rid of it. To begin with, the title was sexist even then. There are women who served in Vietnam and suffer from PTSD. We know more now about the condition and there are many more resources available that will not be listed. Is MST even referred to? It’s a cause that both women and men have experienced in greater numbers than our leaders are willing to admit.

    It might have been good for it’s time, but there are far better information resources available for helping loved ones with PTSD.

  2. This might have been good for my Mom at the time but those of us who lived with parents returning from Vietnam with PTSD won’t find the walk down memory lane appealing.

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