Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies coverHeavenly Bodies: Remembering Hollywood and Fashion’s Favorite AIDS Benefit

Wow!  That’s some outfit she’s wearing.  This book might be ok in fashion libraries, large urban libraries, or maybe in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area.   In your average public library, it’s just a spectacle.  It does seem to be mostly held by university libraries according to WorldCat.

Basically, every year from 1986 to 1996 a fashion designer was honored with a show, the proceeds to benefit AIDS research and/or AIDS charities.  They made an awesome amount of money for the cause, and this book is filled with a decade of pictures from those shows.  It’s a really great book for a really great cause.

Or, it was 13 years ago.  You be the judge on if this would still work in your library.



  1. I think it’s an interesting-looking book, but then again, I went to art school…

  2. I wish i had one of these – what a showstoppe!! Who knew grapes and curtains resulted in that whatever-the-chicken-poop that thing is.

  3. The dental-floss outfit on the cover of this book, plus the denim kimono sweatfest on the other book will complement my drag wardrobe quite swimmingly.

  4. “In your average public library, it’s just a spectacle.”

    I enjoy this blog and have been amused (and aghast) by many of the entries. But today I’ve been thinking about how public libraries should have a certain amount of older and weirder material. People can’t find that stuff in bookstores anymore: all they’ll find there is the classics plus whatever was published in the last five minutes.

    I know we can’t hang onto everything forever; that’s the whole point of this blog. But save a little shelf space for discovery, for fun, for the unusual. For people to be amazed by how things once were, and to find a little perspective or a new interest. When I was growing up, one of the ways history became real to me was by my finding books that had been published in the eras I was studying. My history text was dry and might as well have been talking about imaginary times. But finding a book about how “someday we might go to the moon” or “ladies should wear white gloves when they go out” brought home to me the mindset of earlier times in a very real way.

    And books like ‘Heavenly Bodies’ would’ve given me a glimpse of life beyond suburban Main Street. ;-D

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