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Heart in the Sunlight

Our familiar trope from the old days of clueless girl gets seduced by older wiser and more obnoxious guy. Noelle, the clueless protagonist, tags along with her bestie for a job in Norway at a hotel run by bestie’s brother Per. Of course when Per is introduced to Noelle, he proceeds to be a total jerk and insult women. He also then has the audacity to get his back up when she politely disagrees with his ridiculous judgment about how women are not trustworthy, money grubbing, etc. Evidently she should show him respect. First, he is her boss for the next few months and second, he is awesome and she needs to remember that in the future.

The next hundred or so pages outline Per’s attempt to seduce Noelle. Of course there is an evil ex girlfriend and a couple of other interlopers.Eventually, Noelle caves and says she loves Per. Then they get engaged and all is perfect. You will be happy to hear that Noelle remains unsullied until she gets married to Per.



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  1. “The words were drawled from the door.” Wow! A talking door? Excellent. Just like the spaceship in “Hitchhiker’s Guide.”

  2. Why are the men in these stories always obnoxious, superior jerks? Not attractive at all. 😛

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