Hear the Children Crying

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Hear the Children Crying
The Child Abuse Epidemic

If you don’t know who Dale Evans Rogers is, then you are probably pretty young. During the 50s, Dale and her husband Roy Rogers (the singing cowboy) had a television show and were actors/singers in primarily western/cowboy themed dramas.

This is one of Dale’s projects in advocating for children who have been abused. The book itself is heavy on the anecdotes and low on data. Not a bad choice for a public library back in the 1970s, but outdated for the times. Time to let this one ride off into the sunset.


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  1. What a shame she couldn’t stick to straight autobiography. I didn’t know about the adopted child, but Roy and Dale were famous for having a daughter with severe Down’s syndrome, whom they kept at home, refusing to institutionalize her as was then-standard practice.

  2. I remember Roy and Dale hosted a movie program back when cable was the next big thang. IIRC, they were fielding viewer questions, and someone asked whether Bullet (dog) and Trigger (horse) were indeed stuffed. Roy earnestly explained that they were stuffed and on display in their museum. Dale’s off the cuff comment was that was the reason she planned to outlive Roy.

  3. Hands up anyone else who’d only ever heard of Roy Rogers because John MacLaine (or however the hell you spell that) name-checks him near the end of Die Hard? And this in spite of the fact that my grandfather was such a connoiseur of the genre that I’ve watched more Westerns than some friends of mine who live in what used to be the Wild West.

    1. I feel sorry for you for missing the golden era of kid TV programs! Roy Rogers, Sky King, Fury, My Friend Flicka — such fun.

  4. I miss the Roy Rogers fast food joints with their cheesy roast beef sandwiches and hot sauce. Damn, now I’m hungry — and I’m a vegetarian!

    Anyway, this book likely came out at a time when people were first starting to talk publicly about physical child abuse. Discussion of sexual abuse would come later.

    1. Did they go away? I didn’t think they were affiliated with the actual Roy anyway, but what do I know. I think I stopped at one once.

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