He – She Groovy Jewelry

He-She Jewelry cover

He-She Jewelry
Professional “Know How”

When I found this lovely selection for ALB, I couldn’t stop laughing. I particularly love the manly look of jewelry and leisure suit. I think we have all learned from these pictures that the right accessories really do tie an outfit together.

Getting my groove on!



He She Jewelry introduction

beads and ornaments

beads and ornaments


  1. Oh, what a trip back in time! My husband and I were 19 when this book came out, and yes, indeed, he DID wear chokers and necklaces! One was silver with a little pig, and the initials MCP. Don’t get it? “Male Chauvinist Pig.” He wasn’t, but the phrase was an early 70s thing. One of the busiest stores in the mall was the bead store. EVERYONE made their own necklaces and earrings back then! Didn’t we all have puka shells?

  2. I was making delicate bead necklaces for my friends of all genders five or so years before this. I would have thought this was so passe in 1976! But maybe it depended on where you lived.

  3. Almost every word after ‘primitive Africa’ is, er, primitive. ‘Fetish’, ‘Warrior’, ‘American Indian’, etc. all redundant and arguably offensive today.

    The men in that book had weird hair (pieces?) didn’t they? Surely the 1940s pipe should be a 1970s joint?

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