Having it All

Making It Work
Finding the Time and Energy for Your Career, Marriage, Children and Self

This is one of those books that profess to fix your life and tell you how to have everything, also known as that elusive animal called work/life balance.  I can tell you I personally have read what seems like a million of these books in my quest for the holy grail of perfect life, marriage, job and kids. You may indeed get it all one day, but it won’t be all at once and it won’t be because of a silly book.

I just love the “quizzes” in the book to help you sort out your issues. I am sure all of you will find them to be helpful as you move forward in your quest for the holy grail.


Making it Work back cover

Making it Work author

Making it Work inside flap

Quiz: current balance

Quiz: current balance



  1. I’m too busy with my career, marriage, children, and self to read this book….

  2. When I read this kind of book, I hope to get one tip out of it. It’s not going to hold all the answers, and I don’t even believe in that Holy Grail, but a tip or two? That could be helpful.

    This doesn’t look like it has offered anything helpful in several decades.

    1. Seconded. I think this is a good one as these things go, or rather *was* a good one, 25 years ago. I’d consider this enough of a ‘career’ book that material on the topic needs to be updated regularly. Those equal partnerships sure aren’t facing the same economy that they were in 1990.

  3. I just checked, I knew my local library would have it. They have every book about this topic from that era.

  4. On Quiz 2, if you say yes to #2 and #3, I’m thinking the problem is him, not you.

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