Having it all

Having it all

Having It All
A Practical Guide to Managing a Home and a Career
Gabriel and Baldwin

I would have jumped on any book like this back in the day. Of course my older wiser self recognizes that no one has it all. What is interesting is how this author presents the issues of working and parenting. There is even a quiz to evaluate your readiness to take on this challenge. This quiz focuses on your particular family’s attitude toward working outside the home. The rest is all time management.

You need to take time to budget your time appropriately. Dump stuff on your assistant, nanny, maid, etc. Problem solved! Isn’t being privileged helpful?  I wanted everything too. By the time my kids were in school, I considered it a victory if I was clean and dressed and I made it to work on time. I am also disappointed in my younger self for reading stupid books like this. What a waste of time.


having it all back cover ha


  1. Honestly, I think the “man in your life” quiz on pgs. 90-93 is remarkably forward-thinking for 1980 (except perhaps for the use of the term “macho man”). It would be interesting to see a study comparing the answers of women today vs. in 1980, and also a breakdown comparing the answers of younger vs. older respondents…..

  2. It’s petty, but the spacing of the cover surtitle (“you don’t have to sacrifice a husband” etc.) hurts my eyes.

  3. I’m thinking the heading of the book needs a little edit. I think they mean you don’t have to sacrifice HAVING a husband or children. Or maybe they don’t, and I should go thank my mother for not being so ambitious that she tossed me into a volcano…

  4. “Commutation” on p. 163 — isn’t that where you are on Death Row and you get your sentence changed? I think what they meant was “Commuting.”

    Also, earlier in the list, I love that one of her “activities” is instructing the housekeeper. LOL!

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