Have a Tuna Adventure!

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Tuna: As You Like It
Tuna Research Foundation
1968 (?)

As a Midwestern kid from the 1960s, tuna casserole was a staple in my mom’s kitchen. It was cheap and easy to make. To this day, tuna casserole is one of the basic comfort foods at my house. Tuna recipes featured in this little book, however, leave a lot to be desired.

Using a theater/performance theme throughout the book, the authors have done their best to make tuna interesting. Love the opening line:

“Open a can of tuna and you open up a tale of adventure…”

Who knew?


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    1. “Open a can of tuna and you open up a tale of adventure…” might be a reference to the cover picture.

  1. I like how there’s an X on one of the items in the last picture. “This is the one with the poison…”

  2. I’m not sure how this missed being weeded before now, but Oh, My Gosh, I adore all the retro cookbook/pamphlets in my personal collection! Please tell me this didn’t get trashed…

  3. “Tuna burgers” sounds like something you eat on the night before payday and there’s nothing else in the house.

    1. We called them “Tuna Patties” and my mom served them with cheese sauce. Then again, we were pretty poor, so your thought is pretty accurate. lol


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