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Making Love During Pregnancy
Bing and Coleman

This book is the pregnancy version of the Joy of Sex originally published back in 1972. I couldn’t put in the illustrations since they were pretty graphic. In addition, they were penciled so light that you had to look carefully to see what was going on. (Maybe that was the point.)

I did include a couple of absolutely ridiculous charts that attempted to graph desire. Big surprise: some couples feel good about sex while pregnant and others not so much. I spent most of my pregnancies barfing, so feeling sexy wasn’t particularly front and center in my brain.

As for collection development, I think this topic should have some shelf space. I think we can drop the hippie couple in weird drawings and charts that illuminate nothing.



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    1. Graphs without information about sample size or how the data was derived, or what variables were controlled, peeve me at least as much as the “no units” problem, and probably more. I don’t care about the hippy couple so much, but the nothing graphs? definitely An Issue.

      1. Those things I would expect to see summarized in the figure caption and discussed in more detail in the text itself, so not seeing them in the graph itself doesn’t bug me. (Obviously if they weren’t anywhere at all then I make An Issue of it, too.) Failing to give quantities and increments on a graph, though, is an immediate Attack of the Red Pen.

  1. Well then, it chills me to the bery merrow imaginging my parents…Now I have to wonder if this happened. Scheduling therapy right after I click send

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