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Ray Berwick’s Complete Guide to Training Your Cat
Berwick and Thure

Another cat “training” book for your consideration. Even though I chuckle at the mere thought of training a cat, this book seems to be a step above what we have previously featured here on ALB. The author, Ray Berwick, is a Hollywood animal trainer. He was the animal trainer for quite a few TV and movie projects.  He uses a reward system and a clicker. The main goal in Berwick’s book is to get cats to use the actual toilet. The process is basically positive reinforcement. Berwick doesn’t oversell his training as a quick fix, it takes time, patience and consistency. I am not sure that your average cat owner is going to commit to such a regimen. Frankly, I got a cat because I like pets that don’t require a lot of work. All the cats I have ever owned (rather, they owned me) were also not interested in a lot of work. It cut into all their nap time.


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  2. My cats would laugh themselves silly if they could read this. They already have me perfectly trained.

  3. I believe that professional animal trainers will give an animal a brief “tryout” period to determine whether they can be trained or not. My guess is that a lot of cats never make the cut.

  4. I had a kids’ book about cats in the 1980’s that included a chapter about training your cat (although it was pretty honest about the fact that it wasn’t likely to work). The first trick was “sit and wait.” Later, it advised that if you give your cats too many treats while teaching him to jump, “the only trick he’ll be able to do is ‘sit and wait.'” For some reason, eight-year-old me found this to be completely hilarious, and I still think of it when I give my cats treats.

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