Hanimations coverHanimations

Submitter:ย The purpose of the book isn’t exactly clear. It doesn’t explain how to create Hanimations for yourself. It’s not a story about these creatures. It’s just…pictures of this guy’s painted hands? And in some pictures, an unusual amount of arm hair. More arm hair than is typically expected in books in the children’s department. It was last checked out in 1996. Added to the weed pile!

Holly: It’s actually kind of clever, in a creeptastic kind of way. You have to look closely in some of the pictures to figure out how many hands there are. You’d swear there were three or four hands in some of them, but I think they’re all the work of hairy-arm guy himself (although the peacock pictured below has suspiciously delicate wrists…). If it hasn’t circulated in 18 years, it’s probably a safe weeder.

Hands peacock

Hands alligator

Hands walrus

Hands bird


  1. There are three hands in the bottommost picture (two yellow, one blue)–it would be physically impossible, otherwise.

    1. Yeah, and the painted blue one has fingernails that are way too long for hairy arm guy.

      1. Actually, the peacock one (with the delicate wrists) has feminine fingernails, as well.

    2. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, but the yellow hands appear to be choking the blue duck.

      1. That’s what I’m seeing too, and I think it’s a much more pressing issue than the number of hands! It’s a good thing it hasn’t circulated much in the children’s department–it seems like the kind of thing just waiting to be found by the 1 in 10 kids who will have nightmares about the creepy strangled duck.

  2. If it isn’t circulating, weed it, but this is a cool book! My kids loved it. They would look at it every time we went to the doctor’s office, where there was a copy. The hairy arms never even came up.

  3. I remember this! As far as I know, the artist, Mario Mariotti, is still doing body paint artwork.

  4. I’d sort of like them to be animations that you can create at home, not as well obviously. But I don’t see how some of them can be moving pictures. But it’s a book, so they won’t be anyway.

  5. It looks dated. There are other still-shot type books that are more popular now, such as the ones in which photographers use fruits and vegetables to make animals. That’s the good thing about books. New ones come along.

  6. I had one of this artist’s books as a kid, and I remember liking it! Maybe past its prime, but not “awful” IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

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