Hanging Out

Hanging Out

Hanging Out: The Upside Down Exercise Book
Jay & Rappaport

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a trainer.  Doing inversion exercises might just be the best thing ever.  This book still has a ridiculous cover.  You have to admit, it’s dated in a really funny way.  If these exercises are still considered by health professionals to be beneficial, it’s time for a new book on the subject.



  1. I can only assume from this cover that the book was republished in 2006 as “Borat: Cultural Exercises of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”.

    1. Yes! Didn’t she do a “Chaplin” routine?! Or am I thinking of Dick and Mary…or Ricky and Lucy?

  2. Where can one even buy “Gravity Boots” today? I remember going over to a friend’s house in high school (early 80’s) and seeing his dad hanging upside down doing inverted crunches. That image is scarred into my grey matter.

  3. I propose the following titles for future g-boot books:
    -Hanging Out II: Electric Boogaloo
    -Hangin’ Out with Mr. Cooper!
    -2 Boots 1 Bar

  4. Now you use an inversion sling that you buy at a yoga store. They are better because they support your weight from the hips instead of the ankles.

  5. Actually inversion is still highly prized by chiropractors. My chiropractor has an inversion table in his office. You don’t go completely vertical though, but you could. He has it set so you only to about 45 degrees past horizontal. But any degree past horizontal takes the weight of gravity off your back and muscles. It can be quite relaxing when done properly. So yes, there have been advances in inversion exercises since the 1980s. I would find a newer book to replace it.

  6. skr– got a link… I actually have a chin up bar and inversion cuffs that I use… I have a retrolisthesis and hanging helps quite a bit to ease back pain!

  7. Hanging upside down actually is very good for you. It helps blood and lymph circulation, which strengthens the immune system. Plus you get to experience a different view of the world…..

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