Guys, You Can Be Sexually Adequate

sexually adequate male

The Sexually Adequate Male

It is the word “adequate” that has me in stitches with this title. I am hardly panting for an “adequate” man, but I don’t believe in overselling either. For the most part, this book is filled with tropes about the spoiled man child, the Don Juan, the philanderer, etc. Don’t miss where our author “explains” women to the reader.

This book is filled with Freudian analysis that almost reads as a parody. It reads hilarious in this day and age. In addition, our good doctor seems quite obsessed with homosexuality and is quite sure that the cause of homosexuality is the result of: masturbation, lack of a father, overbearing mother, oral fixations, etc. I get the feeling everything causes homosexuality for this author.

Yes, this book is interesting, but I would cringe if a patron checked it out assuming this book would fix his sex life. Read it for laughs, not for information.


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  1. In an age that was much, much less tolerant of homosexuality, I find it hilarious that the author thinks anxiety over heterosexual performance leads people to switch teams–the implication is that homosexuality is easier, more attractive, etc.–we’re the junk food of sexual orientation!

  2. “… Dr. Caprio discusses errors in sexual technique and outlines in detail the correct approach.”

    THE correct approach. *falls over laughing*

    One of the great things about ALB is how good it can make one feel about modernity, with all its failings — until one realizes how many of our own books will be mocked in fifty-plus years. Can you imagine, for example, how dated “Lean In” may seem?

  3. I love his advice that a man should make his wife believe she’s an important part of his lifeā€”it sounds like “hey, I know you’re running around on the side, but you gotta fool the ball and chain.” though hopefully that’s not what he meant.
    As always, these glimpses into the past make me love your blog.

  4. “Uh-oh…here she comes, in full “painted clown” mode…better turn up the charm…!”

  5. Reading the section on homosexuality I noticed how it has “existed since the beginning of time” and “exists among persons in all walks of life.” I don’t know how (actually, I do) how the author fails to come to the conclusion that homosexuality is NATURAL for a certain percentage of people!

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