Gunshot Wounds

Gunshot Wounds coverGunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques
Di Maio

Submitter: This book may not be an awful library book for a college or specialty library, in fact it’s a very informative book, but this was found in our little rural public library. I can see internally it was purchased to fulfill a request by a patron many years ago and unsurprisingly it has never circulated. With that said, this book did not meet our collection development policies then, and does not now. (Whispers to self “Is it a policy if no one follows it?”) We should have been able to Inter Library Loan this instead of purchasing a copy. The book is filled with over 400 pages of graphic images of entrance and exit wounds of suicide and homicide victims . I limited what I scanned to leave most of the graphic content out for many reasons.
Lastly there is a 2015 updated edition of this book.

Holly: Thanks for sparing us the gruesome parts. The patron who requested it didn’t even check it out? Oooooh, that irks me when that happens.


Bullet Perforating Bones

Sounds from Shotguns

Bloody Bodies Bloody Scenes


  1. I, um, yikes.

    I worry about the person who made the library get this. Just how many gunshot wounds is that person seeing (or causing?) that they’d need a whole book? If it’s for professional use, buy your own copy. Perhaps the library could give it to their local constabulary.

    I wonder if they did get their own, which is why they never checked it out. I think there ought to be some punishment (not a gunshot wound) for people who do that.

    I’ve asked my library to buy one book in my life. It was a kids’ picture book that a FOAF did, and it looked great. I proudly checked it out when it came in, and it was adorable and clever in artwork, and had a really good message. I then lent it to a friend before returning it. I see it’s still circulating worldwide, mostly in the US Midwest. Get it for your littles.

  2. We’ve encountered this at our library too. You will find extremely academic tomes and see it was checked out once. Books like this were made for ILL when it comes to small libraries.

    1. Indeed, I’ve ILL’d the occasional offbeat book for myself that my library system doesn’t have.

  3. Small rural library here! I had to buy something similar once as it was a request from the local sheriff. Think Mayberry meets Law and Order. Small town police need it to help solve a murder. (I was skeptical) But they did solve the crime. Not sure the book helped though – lol. What an Amazon review that would have been!

    1. That’s damn cheap of them, making the library buy it instead of them buying it for themselves and having it on hand for future reference.

  4. Medical librarian here. I’m used to graphic imagery. In fact, one of my first reference questions on the job was from a plastic surgeon looking for assistance with gunshot wounds to the penis. Pro tip: do not store your handgun in your pants.

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