Growing Up

growing up cover

Growing Up
de Schweinitz
1956 3rd Edition (Original Copyright: 1928)

This is another find in my Swedish Death Cleaning Project

Yes, it has been a while since I posted a selection from my Swedish death cleaning project. I did manage to clear out a bunch of stuff and recycled or donated a good chunk of the personal library. However, since we are getting carpet installed in this room and need to move the furniture around, this little gem was parked behind some stuff and fell out when we were packing stuff up.

This book is geared to children. From the text and illustrations it seems a bit much for the younger crowd, so maybe they are thinking upper elementary. It’s basic sperm meets egg. The author has some animal metaphors for how this sperm and egg thing work. We have some cameos by cows, horses, sheep, and trout. There is also an illustration of birth.

I am assuming this was one of those books that was from my mother’s attempt to purge her household when she did the Swedish Death Cleaning thing about 5 years ago. I can only guess she was given this book when she was popping out kids in the early 1960s. I have no memory of this book being read to me specifically.

I was also a bit curious about the author so I found his obituary from the New York Times.

It’s an interesting find, so I am considering hanging on to this little gem. I suppose I can re-gift this to my children if they decide to join the hell joy of parenthood.

inside flap of growing up

developing fetus mother and a toddler a cow mother and baby




  1. The picture of the cow who looks like she has a picture of her calf taped to her body made me laugh, but the ending to the book made me almost hysterical.

    1. I’m pretty sure your idea is exactly how that illustration was created.

      Looks like it’s still pretty good, except page 73 needs to be burned.

  2. Apart from the dated heterosexual-centric text, what’s so wrong with p. 73 ?

    1. Not everyone wants babies or to even be married. Some of us want to stay single and childfree and that wish sounds more like a curse.

    2. It’s bad even for heteros. It says that your life is incomplete until you procreate.

      Never mind that some people can’t, or some people adopt, or are single mothers, or simply don’t want kids.

      Nope, unless someone in your marriage does like ol’ Bessie the cow there, you haven’t finished the “wonderful story”.

  3. If that were published now, the author, publisher, and cover artist would be arrested for child pornography, jailed, and thrown onto the sex offender list for life.

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